76 Revitalization Project

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Branson 76 Revitalization Project Overview

In recent years, the City of Branson has placed a priority on enhancing the community’s central corridor, the heart of our area’s tourism destination.

The transformation of West Highway 76 from 65 to Shepherd of the Hills Expressway is now underway and will create a fun, memorable and unique sense of place that greatly enhances the visitor experience while enriching opportunities for new and existing businesses in the region.

The “complete streets” vision is to enable safe, attractive and comfortable access for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and public transport users of all ages and ability while offering future-ready amenities to appeal to the lifestyle preferences of visitors and citizens of all ages.

Beauty: Landscaping, flower beds, pocket parks, public art and streetscape charm will enhance the updated corridor. Unsightly utility poles and cables will be relocated underground. A beautiful promenade will attract more visitors who will stay longer to enjoy the many experiences along this linear entertainment district in a park-like setting where wholesome fun can be found at every turn.

Comfort & Convenience: The enhanced corridor design will provide safe and efficient interplay of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. Various forms of public transportation are also incorporated into the plan including improved wayfinding signage and real-time traffic information to enhance vehicle flow. A continuous 15-foot-wide pedestrian promenade, shared parking, fewer driveways and on-call signalized crossings will encourage guests to explore and play in the heart of Branson’s Entertainment District on foot.

Personality: Improvements to Highway 76 will celebrate Branson’s heritage and variety while moving steadily toward the Branson of tomorrow. Plans consider the unique culture and character that defines the way we live, work and play in Branson - that which millions of visitors each year recognize as the community character that fosters lifelong memories between family and friends. That’s why we’re creating icons along the corridor where guests can capture those memories to share with others online across a multitude of social media platforms.