Support Services

Support Services performs a variety of support functions which support the Operations Division.


The Officers assigned to this unit are experienced Officers who have been specially selected to perform this function. The Detectives are broken into two groups, General Investigations and VICE Investigations. Detectives assigned to General Investigations are assigned cases involving crimes which were reported to the Patrol Division. If the crime is too detailed, or too complex, for a Patrol Officer to follow-up on immediately the case is referred to Investigations.  The VICE Detectives conduct investigations regarding organized crime. Organized crime generally can involve drugs, prostitution, and gambling. All of our Detectives regularly receive information from the public in person, by phone, as well as from our CATCH crime tip hotline, and WEBTIPs from the city web site. This Unit also monitors the crime activity in the area and makes recommendations for strategies to impact this crime activity.


The records section is responsible for storing, retrieving, copying and transferring police records as allowed and required by law. Reports can be picked up at the records desk of the police department.  Reports may not be available in all circumstances so you are encouraged to call the records office at 417-337-8517 or 417-337-8536 beforehand.  For accident reports, you can get copies online at


Advances in law enforcement technology aid officers in their effective and efficient enforcement of the law.  The technology officer implements and maintains the systems, equipment and procedures to keep the Branson Police Department at the forefront of efficient law enforcement.


The evidence officer is responsible for storing evidence collected by patrol and investigations for processing by the state crime lab as well as introduction into court proceedings. To arrange a return of property please contact the evidence officer at 417-337-8588.

School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers interact with students, staff, and parents at the Branson Junior High and Branson High Schools.  These interactions support positive relationships between these groups and promote a safe school environment.